3 Trends for E-Commerce Promotions in 2011

by April on February 24, 2011

While traffic statistics are still important to the e-commerce owner, 2011 will shed light on the importance of analyzing e-commerce promotions in new ways. Analytical e-commerce tools for businesses are becoming increasingly popular for tracking sales conversions and determining the efficiency of online sales campaigns. With several different analytics software programs on the market, it is important to understand which are best-suited for you.

1. The Progression from Web Analytics to Consumer Analytics

Over the coming year, it will be increasingly important to not only determine how many people are visiting your site, but also to discover what they are doing when they are there. Understanding consumers’ behavioral patterns when navigating your website can be beneficial to your company. With these new analytics, you can learn how consumers are getting to your page, how traffic flows through your website, and the duration of their visit. With this information you will not only learn who your consumer is, but you also have the opportunity to discover kinks or dead ends in your site. If you track the same behavior over and over, such as consumers creating a shopping cart and then abandoning it, you might discover that they are reaching error messages when they try to check-out, causing them to leave frustrated and without your product.

2. Social Media Marketing Integration

There is no debating the growing popularity of social media in our society. In 2010 some businesses got on board with platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but as we go into 2011, merely having a presence on such platforms is no longer sufficient. This is the year to take advantage of these free platforms and integrate them with your company’s SM strategy. Social media marketing can be a valuable tool to your e- commerce, if used properly. With over 500 million active members on Facebook and Twitter, your company can really benefit by engaging with consumers and reaching out to the growing pools of potential clients that are truly at your fingertips—a mere mouse-click away!

3. E-commerce Remarketing

Your initial marketing efforts might attract a consumer to your website but what do you do when they simply visit and leave without making any purchases? The answer is remarketing. Do not worry, this term does not mean that you need to redo your marketing campaign. The term remarketing refers to the act of following up with your customers via email and/or other online techniques. Rather than sending out one mass email, remarketing efforts and follow-up communications should be more personalized and make consumers feel that you really do care about them and their business.

If you utilize e-commerce tools properly you will notice an increase in sales conversions and profits. Do your research and do not market blindly. With the right effort and the right promotions, you can stay ahead of the competition.

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