Why Add Copy to Your Daily Internet Deals?

by April on July 29, 2011

One of the biggest difficulties of a daily Internet deals site is finding new offers every day—but the copy is almost as essential. Groupon has paved the way with fine copy. Before they “take over” a city, they assemble a marketing team and writers, in particular, who will push their daily coupons. They get their subscribers through word of mouth and (now) national popularity, but those subscribers become customers when they read compelling copy.

Percentage of savings and brand names certainly affect a buyer’s decision, but a lot of people buy daily Internet deals on a whim. They see a restaurant they’ve never visited, or a tool set they’ve rarely needed, and they buy it. The selling point is less about how much they’ll be saving; if they never considered the product before, they won’t care that it’s 60% off today only. Persuasive, alluring copy, however, will convince them to make the actual purchase.

Customers aren’t dumb. Psychology has convinced a lot of advertisers that using a certain color or phrasing a tagline in a memorable way will brainwash people into buying things. Good copy for daily Internet deals shouldn’t be gushing reviews and exaggerated superlatives. People recognize a sales pitch, and they’ll respond a lot better to authentic descriptions. The paragraphs should be short for readability, honest for establishing trust, and knowledgeable, so potential customers really know what they’re buying. This presentation is key, and nearly as important as actually finding deals to offer. Whatever you’re selling, a price tag might act as a lure, but a good piece of copy is the real bait.

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Michael July 31, 2011 at 2:16 am


I agree with you that People recognize a sales pitch……..



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