Engage your customers through a Deal of the Day, increase Click through Rate and Customer Engagement.

by CEO on February 28, 2011

You don’t love me anymore!

Recently Hubspot using Mail Chimp’s data did a study on email marketing effectiveness. They found that after four months the Click through Rate of subscribers/customers to email dropped to less then 1%. The graph here shows you the waterfall.


Really simple. You didn’t keep in touch with them enough to encourage their engagement.

Think about that for a minute. You sell them some thing(s) and then ignore them until its the end of the month, quarter, or whenever.

Now if you run a Deal of the Day, you have a consistent way to keep that customer in the loop.

Personal Experience

My wife must get 12-15 emails a day with offers. She is very busy and receives a ton of en email. But will not unsubscribe from those deal emails. Why? She said I like to see what the offers are.

We’re all hung up on not getting spammed complaints and that is understandable. But we forget to keep our customers and friends engaged. So while you maybe unsure of how frequently to email, customers are willing to receive offers – if they are relevant and in the case of deals of the day, time specific!

Try the Air, Land and Sea Approach

With Dealy you can also keep your customers up to date with social media and/or email each day. You can schedule the deals in the early part of the month and then the new customers are Engaged and getting your new offers as soon as they follow your social feeds and/or sign-up for your email.


Dealy allows you to schedule the time and day, and choose where to promote your deal.

Mail Chimp Integration also makes it easy to keep your list up to date in Dealy so each new deal goes to your new additions.

Simple, Fast and Money Making… Engage

To read the complete study or watch the video visit our link:



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