Most Successful Promotional Day (weekend) of the Year

by CEO on May 27, 2011

Memorial Day is a Good Time to Sell!

When I worked at Ford Motor Company, I spent the better part of the May I use to prepare for Memorial Day Sales. We really put a lot of time into getting a solid Memorial Day sale going. It really marked the middle part of our year.

Memorial Day sales are a very effective promotional time. In fact Marketing Profs just published some research proving how effective Memorial Day is over almost every other Holiday time.

Some of the reasons that this is true:

  • Lower competition
  • End of School year
  • Taxes are Submitted
  • Dedicated Weekend

Lower Competition

Lower competition, less companies prepare or leverage a Memorial Day Sale. With this lower competition, you get a chance to cut through the clutter.

End of School Year

To many families the end of the school year is the preparation time for the summer. I have seen many promotions increase sales in volume and items because customers are looking for deals to prepare for their summer.

Taxes Submitted

April 15th was a month ago, so a lot of people feel richer and want to spend some of that money or feel more comfortable spending a little more.

Dedicated Weekend

Memorial Day gains a Monday for people to shop when they might not normally be ready to purchase. The extra day on a dedicated day of the week (Monday).

You still have time to build and send a promotion this weekend!

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