Top 10 Reasons to Run a Deal of Day – with Dealy

by CEO on March 6, 2011

We are asked often why an e-commerce site should use Dealy to promote a deal of the day. So the following list is a sample of our responses:

  1. Constantly promote a different offer each day will earn you business.
  2. Save time. The average user reports saving 20-30 minutes each day using Dealy.
  3. Schedule a different deal each day for up to 30 days in less then an hour a month!
  4. Get new customers who shop online for deals.
  5. Get your current customers to come back by offering exclusive, VIP deals.
  6. Promote new products by announcing them during a deal of the day.
  7. Add stickiness to your website, by having a deal offer customers engage longer on sites.
  8. Cost effective promotions – using Dealy is a low cost way to promote your business.
  9. Its Fun. We’ve designed Dealy to be fun and quick to use.
  10. Expand your business, some site owners are expanding their business adding new products and services and selling them through a Deal of the Day.
  11. Make more money. If you can convert deal seekers to deal purchasers, chances are you can also earn more money per sale. Use Deal of the Day to attract, your skills to upsell and Dealy to automate it all.

I know the list is 10, but at the end of the day number 11 is the main reason to use Dealy.

Our team is dedicated to create an excellent deal of the day software product for e-commerce websites.

We would love to hear how you are using Dealy. Please share with us.

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