What Niches Should Use Deal of the Day Software?

by April on February 23, 2011

With more and more consumers showing interest in hot daily deals, e-commerce site owners are shifting their focus from email marketing efforts to utilizing a daily deal website to post limited-time offers. To make the most of deal of the day software like Dealy, it is important to decide which niche would be the most profitable to target. Niches can be divided by a multitude of factors including: interest, location, age, gender. Understanding the benefits of targeting specific niches and advertising to consumers who have a need or a want for what you are selling can increase your profitability.

Geographically-based Niches

Geographically-based niches can be an area as small as a town or as large as a country. Whether you choose to market by town, city, state, region, or country, geographic niches are a great focus. This would be best for location-specific products, such as memorabilia, or for location-specific services, such as a restaurant or a theatre. Targeting customers based on their location is a great way to offer products that your specific customer base will value.

Age-based Niches

For some businesses, focusing on a target market based on age will enable them to reach the customers with the greatest interest in their product. Common age-based niches include college students, teens, toddlers, young adults, adults, and retirees, but there are other ways that markets can be divided by age. A very strong age-based niche for businesses using daily deal websites are the college students. Students are generally very tech-savvy so they are more likely to be shopping online (and you would be hard-pressed to find a student who wouldn’t be interested in saving money). Products that might be of interest to this age group range from college paraphernalia and apparel to school supplies and electronics.

Above are just two examples of different niches you can target through daily deal websites. By doing research on your current customers, you can better determine where your marketing efforts are best spent.

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